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Walmart is Anti Adult Movies

Fuck Walmart, fuck them in their giant corporate asses. OK, I feel a little better now. So the article came out on February 24th, 2010 and of course my delayed ass just came across it randomly doing a Google search on adult movies. Just a little for your information, when looking for explicit content make sure you are not doing a Google search when you are in the news section of Google becuase you get articles about Walmart instead of content of people causght fucking in Walmart. Hmmm maybe…no, no I’m pretty sure someone has a website devoted to people caught fucking in Walmart I mean they already have the people of Walmart site, and if you haven’t checked that site out you should it makes me giggle till I pee. Anyways if you haven’t heard Walmart bought startup Vudu which is a streaming movie website. They had when it was created an adult section called “after dark”, had being the operative word because as soon as Walmart bought it they shut that section down. Vudu had the distinction of being the only major streaming service with an adult section. Now how is Walmart going to seperate them from any other streaming service. I mean Walmart doesn’t even allow music unless it is the explicit edited version and we all know how much cussing goes on in just regular television let alone in movies. Why did Walmart even need a streaming video site, unless they plan on adding subliminal messages into every streaming video, or if they do period commercials on the site maybe Walmart plans on only showing their commercials with subliminal messages. Oh you sneaky sneaky Walmart and your mind control ways. Personally I never cared for Walmart, they give me anxiety attacks. I went into one when I lived back in Virginia and let’s face it I’m a big girl who needs more then a foot width of space to go down the freaking isle! Not only where the isles small but they still put dusplays in the middle of said isle. Who does that! Walmart that’s who.

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