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Price of keflex without insurance

Is cephalexin used for strep throat raregoldtx66 october 23, 2009 at am keflex is a human medicine.

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Information about Keflex.

KEFLEX is indicated for the treatment of genitourinary tract infectionsincluding acute prostatitiscaused by susceptible isolates of Escherichia coliProteus mirabilisand Klebsiella pneumoniae

Although most of these side effects listed below don’t happen very oftenthey could lead to serious problems if you do not check with your doctor or seek medical attention.

Overdose symptoms may include nauseavomitingstomach paindiarrheaand blood in your urine.

Although most of these side effects listed below don’t happen very oftenthey could lead to serious problems if you do not check with your doctor or seek medical attention.

Do not stop taking any medications without consulting your healthcare provider.

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