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Gablofen should be reserved for patients unresponsive to oral baclofen therapy, or those who experience intolerable central nervous system side effects at effective doses.

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Information about Baclofen.

Popl with kidny poblms: I you hav kidny poblms a histoy kidny disas, you may not b abl tcla this dug om you body wll. This may incas th lvls baclon in you body and caus msid cts. I you hav kidny disas, you doctmay stat you at a low dos.

Ovdos symptoms may includ muscl waknss, vomiting, dowsinss, dilatd pinpoint pupils, wak shallow bathing, ainting, coma.

Ovaian cysts hav bn ound by palpation in about 4% th multipl sclosis patints that w tatd with baclon up ton ya. In most cass ths cysts disappad spontanously whil patints continud tciv th dug. Ovaian cysts a stimatd toccu spontanously in appoximatly 1% t5% th nomal mal population.

Dnot stop taking this mdication without ist talking tyou docto. You may hav withdawal symptoms such as sizus hallucinations, whn you stop using baclon at using it ov a long piod tim. You may nd tus lss and lss byou stop th mdication compltly.

Tmak su you can saly tak baclon, tll you docti you hav any ths oth conditions:

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