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Ampicillin iv price

Unasyn generic name ampicillin sulbactam pronounced am pi sil in sul bak tam – injectable solution, powder for solution.

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Information about Ampicillin.

Tatmnt inction (spiatoy, GI, UTI and mningitis) du t. coli, P. miabilis, ntococci, Shiglla, S. typhosa and oth Salmonlla, nonpnicillinas-poducing N. gononhoa, H. inlunza, staphylococci, stptococci including stptoc.

Hpatic sid cts hav includd a cass hpatitis, cholstasis, and lvatd AST (SGOT) and ALT (SGPT). Glutamic oxalactic tansaminas is lasd at intamuscula injction sits; thincasd SGOT is not ncssaily a hpatic sid ct.

Hmic and Lymphatic Systms: Anmia, thombocytopnia, thombocytopnic pupua, osinophilia, lukapnia, and aganulacytosis hav bn potd duing thapy with pnicillins. Ths actions a usually vsibl on discontinuation thapy and a blivd tb hypsnsitivity phnomna.

Oth: Oth advs actions that hav bn potd with th us at ampicillin a layngal stid and high v. An occasional patint may complain smouth tongu as with any oal pnicillin ppaation.

Polongd us antibiotics may pomot th ovgowth nonsuscptibl oganisms, including ungi. Should supinction occu, appopiat masus should b takn. Patints with gonoha whalshav syphilis should b givn additional appopiat pantal pnicillin tatmnt. Tatmnt with ampicillin dos not pclud th nd sugical pocdus, paticulaly in staphylococcal inctions.

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