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Is The Era Of Adult Videos Over?

Television, the raw and edgy kind that is showcased these days, has been drawing the life out of our beloved adult videos. It started with HBO, when they liberalized their programming with original productions that freely expressed sex and violence. The popularity of shows like The Sopranos, Sex and the City and Entourage have inspired many pretenders to the throne. Some may even prove to be superior to the predecessor. But, in this war for ratings, perhaps a totally unrelated industry has become a silent casualty.

The adult industry is faced with this new competition now. We now have programs that have full frontal nudity and continuous simulated sex acts that are set off by superior storylines and the sort of acting prowess that only porn stars only have wet dreams about. How could porn possibly compete with shows that are not only entertaining, but are also enough to get the audience to pleasure themselves? These shows have become a complete package. Television programming grew over the decades, and porn productions mostly remain to be the one note joke that it always has been, oft relying on shock and novelty to keep viewers watching. The problem is, shock and novelty is hard to come by when every individual has access to sex, violence, dirty language and all things once considered taboo on television, even on cable.

Indeed, there is trouble brewing in the future of porn, and the sad thing about it is that porn does not seem to be putting up much of a fight to alleviate their impending death. Will the producers of adult films, jaded as they are in their comfortable state at the top of the porn food chain, even notice the threat that is on the horizon? The enemy is the idiot box, and the enemy is a pretty crafty one. TV is going to be like a ninja that is going to swoop in deep into porn territory and slit the throat of the entire industry before it even notices the danger. The only way to keep up is to actually try to keep up.

With the porn industry’s resources, there is no excuse to put up a much harder fight that they are displaying right now. It’s a basic supply and demand issue, the problem is the producers of the porn industry is not taking seriously the fact that someone else is slowly and surely supplying the demands of the industry’s audience. The sound of the death knell resonates.

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