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Disturbed Person Looks to End Adult Video Sites Forever

He calls himself the Cleanser. For months now, he has been threatening to destroy all adult video sites on the planet. So far his threats have not been given the attention he may have hoped to get as he was easily dismissed as another pranksters online. However, as time went by, the consistency of the Cleansers threatening comments on various web sites have caused some concerned individuals to fret.

In his many tirades against all porn sites on the Internet, the Cleanser has yet to reveal any details as to how he would go about destroying the porn sites of the world, but he has given out implicit details as to why. While maintaining to conceal his identity, the Cleanser has made in it known that his quest to rid the world of its porn sites is not motivated by any moral purpose or inclination, but his hate is fueled only by the thought of exacting revenge. According to him, he once had a loving family, until the insurgence of adult video sites in his life have caused him to lose the love of his wife and the respect5 of his children. The Cleanser wants it known that he will not stop until he has made the world a better, safer and cleaner place for all families across the globe.

A task force is being formed to stop the Cleanser’s insidious plans. Heading the task force is prominent pro-porn cop Harry Brunswick, who is intent on stopping the Cleanser’s mad scheme at any cost. “It is our department’s opinion that this Cleanser fellow is someone who is truly capable when it comes to computers and hacking, as no one can’t seem to track down his whereabouts using the computer despite the frequency of his threatening messages. We do have the best people looking into the matter, and the porn industry has lent a hand by hiring members of the private sector, the best that money can buy. We will nail this creep, even if it is the very last thing I do.

The Cleanser knows firsthand about the threat the task force poses on his plans. He claims that tipping their hand this early is a mistake. According to one of his cryptic messages, “there is nothing Brunswick and the rest of his clowns can stop me. My revenge is not a threat, but an inevitability. I will end porn sites, and it is only a matter of time.”

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