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Superman Impervious To Any Adult Sex Video

“No matter what adult sex video is laid out in front of him, Superman will resist it.” This is the statement made by Clifford Jonas, a self-proclaimed comic book expert from Philadelphia. Jonas claims that after he has studied comic books from his personal collection from the Golden age DC archives, he discovered that one of the powers that Superman possess is “super-chastity”.

“People think that Superman is very disciplined due to his Southern traditional upbringing” Jonas said, pointing out Jonathan and Martha Kent’s contributions to Superman’s righteousness. “Superman just has an extremely low sex drive. The values instilled upon him by his adoptive parents were to uphold truth and justice. I don’t believe they ever tackled sex.”

Jonas’ hypothesis revolves mainly around the fact that Superman , despite looking perfectly like a human being, is an alien. “He’s Kryptonian. He can leap tall buildings and shit. His physiological make up is definitely different from ours. He’s impervious to all human weaknesses. That includes psychological ones.”

“The same way Superman can survive long periods of time without eating or breathing, he also does not feel the need to have sex. If he can resist his primary instincts, why can’t the same be said about his sexual needs? I would not be surprised if Superman is one of those people who can have erections on command, and not during arousal. Reading the newer comics, we know that Superman has turned down advances from Ice (Guy Gardner’s main squeeze), Maxima, Wonder Woman, and every other hottie in the DC Universe that he wasn’t related to. That just takes more than willpower or loyalty to Lois Lane. That’s just superhuman.”

Jonas also sites the numerous times Superman could have had his way with Lois prior to their marriage, but chose not to. “Again, people think that it’s because of his discipline, and that’s partly the reason. Mostly, it’s because he doesn’t really want to.”

Another theory that Jonas presented is a parallelism between Superman and Watchmen’s Dr. Manhattan. Both considered to be god-like beings, Dr. Manhattan turned his back on humanity once his wife, the Silk Spectre, left him. Any connection he had with the human race has been severed at that point. Jonas predicts that Superman only keeps Lois around is because she is his main connection to humanity.

“So no, Superman can watch all the porn in the world and not have a boner.” Jonas concludes.

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