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Who Says Adult Films Still?

Really, who still calls them adult films? I guess if you go to a cinema that shows porno the porno is most likely on film and a projector is used to of course project the movie on to the screen. So in that situation it would of course make sense to call it an adult film, but really in no other situation can I see using that term to be ok. Well and I guess during the filming makes sense if they are still done on film, so much has gone digital how can you really say it is still film when it has become digital, this is 2010 after all. Call me ignorant if you want, this is cyberspace after all, and I really don’t care what you think of me because it is cyberspace and anonymity runs ramped here!

Adult films just sounds so outdated to me. To hear someone say it out loud porn is the furthest thing from my mind. I start to think of old black and white films that were made for adults to enjoy something like Casablanca or a techno colored Gone With the Wind. Though Growing up I knew a lot of people at every age enjoyed those movies so ok horrible examples, but I hope you see where I’m going with this. Maybe you don’t and quit possibly I have lost track where I was going with this too. How did this rant get started anyways? Oh that’s right. I heard someone refer to porn as adult films and thought it was funny to hear. There were no children around and it’s not like kids wouldn’t know what they were talking about anyways. I mean is porn so hard to say? I know I turn a little red in the cheeks when I say it but I turn red when I say anything. Porn isn’t a naughty word and shouldn’t be given the power of a naughty word. There should be no shame in saying it or enjoying it and I guess this is were I was trying to go. It just took awhile to get there.

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